I was privileged to meet Rhoslyn Jones while she was a teacher in residence at San Francisco School of the Arts. Little did I know she would become a constant source for inspiration and support, almost seven years later. Rhoslyn has a determination to push her students past their comfort zones and into exciting new discoveries. Personally, she pushed me to apply for multiple competitions and post secondary-institutions. She also gave me the push I needed to take a big leap and accept admission at the Juilliard School. I would not be where I am today without Rhoslyn’s forward thinking and emotional support. By hosting mock auditions and studio recitals, Rhoslyn creates opportunities for her students to grow more comfortable presenting, which allowed me to flourish and grow as a performer. I am truly grateful to be able to say that I know Rhoslyn Jones, and even though I now study across the country, I still look to her for support; something I hope I can say that for the rest of my career. ― Sam Siegel, Sophomore at The Juilliard School 

My favourite place to be is in a lesson with Rhoslyn Jones. I met Rhoslyn two years ago, when she began teaching at the University of British Columbia. In our first lesson, I remember being struck by two things: her intelligence and her compassion. Rhoslyn is an incredibly smart individual with an encyclopedic knowledge of vocal repertoire. She communicates nebulous concepts with precision and clarity, and has an uncanny ability to feel, in her own body,  what a singer is doing to achieve a certain sound. She has a sense for where a voice is heading, long-term, and has a fantastic ear. All of this means that Rhoslyn is able to guide her students’ vocal development with assuredness and wisdom. Studying with Roz, I have learned so much about how the voice works in a general sense, and about my own voice specifically. I now have a fundamental understanding of vocal technique, as well as what works best for me and my instrument. Her instruction has helped me to find the processes that work for me, rather than aiming for a particular sound. My whole approach to singing is shifting, moving from wholly auditory to more sensation-based, and my sound is freer, simpler, and more honest as a result. I sang the title role of La Cenerentola this past year and I would not have been able to do it without Roz’s guidance. What sets Rhoslyn apart for me is her compassion. She invests so much of herself in her students, whether that be by sending you a recording that she knows you’ll love, or by just how intently she listens to you in your lesson. Rhoslyn is so great at understanding her students on a human level, and has helped me navigate a lot of the psychological aspects of singing. I tend to be really hard on myself, and Roz is teaching me to appreciate my voice in a way I couldn’t before I met her. She is such a gifted teacher, and I feel so lucky to be her student. — Simran Claire, Current Graduate Student at The University of British Columbia

I met Rhoslyn at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. Soon after, I started training privately with her for three years until I went off to college at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. With her guidance, I’ve won titles from competitions such as Beach Blanket Babylon Scholarship for the Arts, National YoungArts Foundation, William E. Schmidt Competition and performed lead roles in operas such as Alcina and Xerxes by Handel. As a young singer, Rhoslyn helped me immensely by creating a comfortable and safe environment to explore music, both in lessons and at Bay Area Vocal Academy rehearsals. I graduated from high school in three years and Rhoslyn was there supporting me every step of the way, from preparing me for college auditions to being one of my strongest support systems. Without Rhoslyn, I wouldn’t be the musician I am today. She helped me realize that opera is what I love and want to do with my career. I admire Rhoslyn very much for her kindness, passion and drive. She is an amazing person to look up to and a great role model. ― Emilie Suarez, Sophomore at Manhattan School of Music

I met Rhoslyn Jones when I was a freshman in high school. I attended one of her private voice studio recitals and was instantly amazed at how incredibly gifted every single one of her students was. I soon after joined the Bay Area Vocal Academy and was invited to join Rhoslyn’s private voice studio. I am now in my junior year of high school and in the short amount of time that I have studied under Rhoslyn, I have grown immensely both as a performer and as a person. I have placed and received awards in numerous competitions since studying with Rhoslyn. She has inspired and guided me to pursue what I love the most. Rhoslyn encourages me to push myself when I feel like giving up and her teaching has opened up a world of possibilities that I never could have dreamed of. If I had not began studying with Rhoslyn, I would not be in the position I am today. Every aspect of my voice and technique has grown and improved through her teaching and I am constantly inspired to work harder towards the goals that she has opened my eyes to. Rhoslyn Jones has a powerful teaching method that has helped so many of her students, including myself, realize their own capabilities and turn their dreams into realities. ― Lily Bobrick, Junior High School Student

”I chose to study with Rhoslyn Jones at the UBC Summer Vocal Workshop because she was someone who I could trust to give me the tools to become a better singer. Rhoslyn was knowledgable about the repertoire I brought to our lessons, and was able to give me suggestions for future repertoire. Rhoslyn created a very relaxed and non-judgmental environment and was able to address the areas in my voice that I needed to work on and give me the tools in order to become a better singer. She was able to teach me so much in such a little time and she created such a positive environment. She had a positive impact on my singing because after lessons with Rhoslyn, I felt technically stronger in my singing and had a lot more confidence which is essential for a singer.“ — Tamar Simon, Graduate of The University of British Columbia

”I met Rhoslyn at the San Francisco School of the Arts and I have been studying with her for almost two years. Singing is a very vulnerable art, but Rhoslyn makes lessons very comfortable, funny, and productive. She has helped my voice grow tremendously as well as my confidence as a performer. Rhoslyn always looks out for opportunities for her students, and encourages participation in competitions, extra voice recitals, and college auditions. She is very supportive and just wants to see her students shine! Rhoslyn was so incredibly helpful in the college audition process. She helped me prepare four contrasting songs and  held "mock auditions" so we could practice and be fully prepared for these stressful auditions. In addition to being an amazing teacher, she's a great friend and I love her so much!“
— Marika Stuurman, Graduate of Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

”I chose to study with Rhoslyn over other voice teachers because of her extensive knowledge and care for her students. She delivers criticism really well, and doesn't say anything in a mean way. If there's something that needs improving, she tells you exactly how to improve it and she does it in a very kind way without hurting your feelings. She asks about my day/life/just how things are going. She offers help and advice whenever she can and is genuinely concerned about her students’ musical lives. She supports her students tremendously throughout school, the college application process, etc. She makes her students feel at ease and comfortable talking to her about anything. She knows so much about music. She has a wide range of students she works with and all of them sound great and unique. My favorite thing about my lessons with Rhoslyn are her compliments on how much I've improved. That really makes me feel good about myself. I can hear the change and improvement in my voice whenever I sing and I know it's because of working with Rhoslyn. She is a teacher, mentor, and friend all in one. Roz is the best!“
— Momo Yamamoto, Graduate of Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

”I first met Rhoslyn at the Kiwanis Music Festival where she was my adjudicator. She encouraged me to attend the UBC Summer Vocal Workshop, and I am so glad that I did. Studying with Rhoslyn has been a pleasure. She understands the voice extremely well. Every lesson, I took away something new. Her teaching style is approachable, engaging, and fun. Her energy is contagious, and her fresh approach to the voice is phenomenal. Studying classical voice with a young singer is one of the greatest ways to learn. Rhoslyn understands both my technical instrument and my development as she was once in my shoes. Her experience is unparalleled and her talent is a gift. My favourite thing about our lessons is her ability to be both professional and fun! In a half an hour lesson I feel like I've grown as a singer. Without a doubt I can say that Rhoslyn has positively affected both my singing and my life. Without her guidance, I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared for my University auditions. Everything she teaches simply makes sense. The adjustments I've been working on for a year come easily after a few lessons with her. Rhoslyn is a vivacious, caring, and passionate singer and teacher. She truly cares about her students potential and success. Any student would be lucky to have the opportunity to study with her.“
— Nicole Moretto, Current UBC First Year Voice Major

I chose to work with Rhoslyn over others because of her incredible attention to detail, support, and her warmth. She is truly the most generous people I've ever had the immense honor of calling a mentor. She is so in touch with how her students are feeling throughout the lesson that she knows exactly how to approach each individual with care. The way she is able to communicate with students is direct and to the point. I can not convey how much this incredible woman has done for me. Not only do I have a much more in-depth concept of my my own abilities but I know myself as a person much more now than I did before working with Rhoslyn. She's able to tap into the root of what it means to be a singer and a person. You will not find someone who is more dedicated to your success. ― Daniel Illig, Graduate of University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

Rhoslyn was recommended to me by the head of the voice program at SOTA, and after our first lesson I knew that she would be able to help me immensely. Rhoslyn's teaching style is individually tailored to each student. She doesn't have a one size fits all method, which is so important considering how no two voices are exactly alike and not everyone learns in the same way. She's excellent at communicating information in the way that she feels is most beneficial for each individual student. Rhoslyn is extremely supportive. She will work you hard and stretch you so you are the best that you can be, but she is always kind in doing so. Her criticisms are always constructive and I have never left a lesson with Rhoslyn feeling discouraged.  Rhoslyn is not only an incredibly gifted singer, but a gifted teacher. It's easy to just be a good singer and not know how to impart your wisdom, but with Rhoslyn she has the ability to make everyone their best self. In addition, Roz is one of the smartest people I know, and she is amazing at working with young voices. I always have a blast working with Rhoslyn. She knows what she's doing and she's extremely capable and efficient while still creating a fun rehearsal atmosphere. If it was not for Rhoslyn I would not be where I am today, she has had an extremely positive impact on my life, both musically and personally.
— Shana Marshall, Graduate of Chapman University